Tumblr bots to be a tumblr famous

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How to be a tumblr famous.
So everybody want many followers and reblogs etc, to have more pageviews, visitors, and cash. The best option to get more followers is absolutly the follow. Follow 200 people/day, because they will follow back! Not all of them, about 50 of 200, but it's 25%, so it so good. 25 follower/day for free, and for minutes of work, oh sorry, just 1 minute!

But how to? You need one program for firefox, named iMacros. One of the most beautiful program which I ever met. You can customize it, you can make macros, everything what you want, and if you become a professional, it will make everything what you want.

So, I have a simple follow script for tumblr.
1, go to a "niche" page -> tumblr.com/tagged/nature  or anything, which niche are you in.
2, open imacros, select my code.
3, go to the bottom of the page, about 500 post down.
4, set 300, and Play(loop)
5, Wait a minute, and you are following 200 people :)

Here is the code: http://pastebin.com/tFy43Wrt