Free Tumblr Bots

Hi, there are a few free tumblr bot which are working great, updated and fixed.

So let start with the Queue Uploaders. There are some of them.

- Tumbloader/Picloadr -> free tumblr queue bot, upload 300 images, and can set click-through links, description and tags.    A bit slow, but working great and always updated.
- Bloadr A free tumblr queue poster, but It works fine with one account. You have to clear cookies and etc to us more accounts, a bit hard to use with many accounts. The speed is great.
- Lordsenf's Queue bot. One of the best free bots on the market now. Have great support and lot of functions. donwload from:

There are some not free queue bot, I will add them into an other article.

Follower/Liker/Account creator/etc bots
These are a bit harder bots.

Lordesnf's bot working great for customizing accounts, create accounts (not working always) See above

Tumblr picture downloader bot.
There are two free bots:

Tumblripper Fast - beautiful - great. Such a nich bot
An other free:  working great, and fast.