Tumblr follower bots and script

How to get followers, by follower bots

So, everybody know the most easiest way to get tumblr followers, is to follow them. They will follow back. There are some limits, you can follow 200 people per day on tumblr, and you must make some breaks between follows, because tumblr will catch you and delete your account. It can be boring, if you follow people by hand, so we can use bots to follow other tumblrs.
You can pay for expensive bots, but there are free opinions too. You can use iMacro script to get that work finished. I have a script code: Download iMacros: http://imacros.net/overview (go to download page, at bottom there are free versions for all browser)
Change the timeout around 10-20-30 sec, to make it saftier. You have to navigate a niche page (like: http://tumblr.com/tagged/me or http://tumblr.com/tagged/landscape) just use the right keyword. This is a very good and free way to get around 1000 followers by 2 weeks or less, but always be careful.