Paid Tumblr Bots

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One of the best tumblr all-purpose bot: -> very good bot, account creator, proxy checker, queue poster, and uploader, reblog, follow bot. One of the best tumblr bot. It costs 47$/ month, but it can handle 1000 accounts and you can make 100$ per day with it. Really, a great bot. Very good support. I can recommend it.

If you have money, you must purchase it. It worth the price.

Very fast 
Many features and working well
Awesome support
Reblog,follow,account creator, 

A bit expensive  


Tumbleforce: not working really well, some of the features won't working, when it fixed, another go wrong. They offer refund, but they won't refund so easily. I asked for refund but they don't want to, I have to start it manually through paypal, but I just could start a dispute, so I just hoping for my money 

There is just con's. Everything